Are you over 18?

When you come into the gym for the first time (or first time in the calendar year) you will be required to fill out a safety waiver before you can participate. Everyone must fill out a waiver to climb or belay (hold the ropes at the bottom). You MUST show a government-issued photo ID when you fill out the waiver, preferably a drivers license. No student IDs.


If you are over 18 and accompanied by a parent to the gym you must still sign your own waiver and provide ID.

Are you under 18?

Minors must have their safety waiver signed by a BIOLOGICAL PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. Not grandma or grandpa, not aunt or uncle, not older siblings, PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN.


If the parent or guardian is not accompanying their child to the gym:


1. Print off a safety waiver.


2. Fill out the top half with the child's information.


3. Parent or guardian signs the bottom half.


4. Either a.) get the form notarized or b.) Show the adult's ID with the waiver (a photocopy or picture on your phone will work).

Other notes

You must be 14 or older to belay (hold the ropes at the bottom) or operate an auto-belay by yourself.


You must be 14 or older to boulder, but ANYONE can climb!


Anyone who has never been to DR will be required to go through a brief safety class before climbing.

Waivers remain valid for the calendar year after signing.


You must sign and agree to the waiver in its entirety. It is not acceptable to edit or omit portions of the waiver before signing. If printed from this site, text size or format MAY NOT be altered.