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Can I bring children who are not my own in to climb?

Yes, but check out our waiver policy.


I’ve never climbed before. Will you teach me what to do?

Anyone who has never been to Dyno Rock will receive a free (and required) introductory orientation which will run approximately 10 minutes.  If you are interested in learning how to belay, this class is included with the day pass and will take about 20-30 minutes for two people.  If you are interested in learning how to lead climb, we offer lead climbing classes for an extra charge.  Please contact us for more information.


I’ve never climbed before. Does Dyno-Rock have anything for beginners?

Most definitely! We have over 16,000 square feet of climbing surface, built for every level of ability. Anyone who has never been to Dyno Rock before will be taken through a safety class and taught everything they need to know before they climb.


Can I use my Groupon if it is expired?

If your Groupon is expired, we will take the face value off of your total charge. So, if you have an expired two-person Groupon that you spent $15 on, we will subtract $15 from your total charge. You only lose the deal, not the money you spent. (Regular price is $20 per person).


What if I don’t own any climbing equipment?

Not a problem, we have everything you need available for rent, including shoes, harnesses, and chalk bags.


Do you have equipment for young children?

Yes, we have equipment sizes that range down to four-year-olds.

Do you provide chalk?

We do have chalk bags for rent for $4.00 (must have a government photo ID for rental).  We also have fantastic chalk from Bison Designs for sale! 1 oz chalk balls, usually more than needed for a single day, cost only $5.00.

Are there age requirements to climb at Dyno-Rock?

Yes and No; Dyno-Rock has climbing for all ages of climbers, but we require that all belayers (the person who holds the rope to keep the climber safe) be at least 14. Children aged 8-13 may climb on the boulder wall but must be accompanied by an adult the ENTIRE time. Children under 8 may not boulder and must be on a rope at all times when climbing. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent sign one of our waiver forms before climbing. Click here for waiver information.


Can I come in and climb by myself?

Yes, we have a few options. We have 8 "auto-belay" ropes that you can climb without a partner. Also, if you are over 16, you can boulder by yourself. With 48 hours notice, we can offer a belayer ($10 per hour per belayer).


What types of payment do you accept at Dyno-Rock?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover,and debit.  Please note that we only accept credit, debit, or organization checks for groups (sorry, no cash for groups).


​Do you have an hourly rate?

No, we only have a one day pass. The pass is good for all day (until close), even if you want to leave and come back.


If we come for the day can we leave to eat and come back?

Sure, Dyno-Rock’s entrance fees are based on a one-day climbing pass; just let the staff know on your way out that you plan to come back that day.


Is there a place to eat inside if you bring a picnic lunch?

Sure, we have several picnic tables inside the gym. Feel free to bring refreshments and snacks.  We only ask that you not bring glass into the gym.


Can I use my own belay device, rather than the gym’s Gri-Gri's?

No, our insurance requires that you use our Gri-Gri's to belay.


May I use my own rope for lead routes?

No, but we will be glad to provide you with one once you have been lead certified by Dyno-Rock Staff.


Do I have to wear DR's climbing shoes?

No, you may wear your own athletic shoes, but you do have to wear close-toed shoes. No barefoot climbing.


I am a very experienced climber, does DR have anything advanced to offer me?

Yes! We have bouldering routes up to V9, top-rope climbing up to 5.13, and lead routes that extend out onto the ceiling. You do have to use DR ropes and belay devices, and if you did not take a lead climbing class at DR, you will need to be checked off before you can lead.


What should I wear to climb?

Generally, anything you would be comfortable working out in.


Do I have to make an appointment or reservation to climb?

If you are bringing a large group or party (10+ climbers), please let us know two weeks in advance.  Otherwise, just come in whenever you wish!

May I alter the waiver (edit or omit parts I do not agree with)?

NO. You must sign our waiver as it is presented. Any alterations made by the signer will render it void and you be unable to participate.


Are pets allowed?

Sorry, no pets allowed.

Can I leave my car in your parking lot when I'm not in the gym?

NO, your car will be towed.


Can I drop off my kids and pick them up later?

NO.  Anyone under 16 years old must have an adult present.*

*Can only drop kids off for summer camps

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