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Team Dyno

  • Team Dyno A is a competitive team focused on refining skills and performing at the highest level possible.

  • Ages 12 - 18 years old

  • The sign up cost is $85.00 and includes a 1 month membership, with all standard benefits included, plus free entry to Full Send Friday.

  • Students will be required to attend at least 1 practices a week, and climb 1 time a week on their own.

  • Training days: Mon, Wed & Fri | 6 - 8 pm.


  • The Dyno-Rockers are our very own youth team, centered around kids aged 6 - 11 years old!

  • Once you sign-up, the child will get a full one month membership, all standard benefits included.

  • They will also gain access to our training days: Tuesday and Thursday | 6-7:30pm

  • Interested or just want more information? Click the button below and we'll reach out to you over the phone! 

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