Brian Bower

Marketing & Media Dirtbag

The self proclaimed resident dirtbag, Brian comes from a mixed career background. Originally training as an EMT, Brian dedicated much of his early college career to climbing in Northwest Arkansas, and rather than pursue a career in his trained field, he ended up as a nature educator at the Fort Worth Zoo. After some time there, he later moved on to yet another field, and spent a few years managing bars and peddling beer, before finally getting back to his climbing roots.

A dedicated outdoorsman, Brian's passion for climbing is different than that of the general Texan climber, as he would rather spend his days alpining in the more hostile of environments.

In his free time, Brian enjoys writing and photography, as well as spending quiet evenings on the porch of a pub. He also serves as the outreach coordinator for a conservation group, the North American Freshwater Turtle Research Group.

Follow him on instagram @thedirtbagrevolution, or on his website and blog